TS 150


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1 Body ASTM A234 WPB ASTM A420 WPL6 ASTM WP 403 F316 ASTM A234 WP5
1.2 Flange ASTM A105 ASTM A350 LF2 ASTM A182 F316 ASTM A182 F5
1.3 Guide rods S.S. 304 S.S. 304 S.S. 304 S.S. 304
2 Blind flange ASTM A105 ASTM A350 LF2 ASTM A182 F316 ASTM A182 F5
3 *Basket S.S. 304 S.S. 304 S.S. 304 S.S. 304 X
4 Gasket SS316/Graph. SS316/Graph. SS316/Graph. SS316/Graph. X
5 Stud Bolts ASTM A193 B7 ASTM A320 L7 ASTM A320 L7 ASTM A193 B7
6 Nuts ASTM A194 2H ASTM A194 Gr.4 ASTM A194 Gr.4 ASTM A194 2H
7 Plug ASTM A105 ASTM A350 LF2 ASTM A182 F316 ASTM A182 F5


* BASKET TYPE: V - W - WW - Z. Basket configuration depend of % ratio requested by customer


Buttweld ANSI B16.25

Flanged ANSI B16.5


Designed according to ANSI B16.34 the strainer bodies are produced with a superior wallthickness for corrosion allowance. Standard stainers are equipped with screens for the average service of most mediums ( steam, gas, air, oil, chemicals , ect. ). The large screen open area ensures an efficent filtering action with a low pressure drop. Filtering area to inlet area ratio is larger than 3 to 1 . Screens area manufactured with perforated plate in the materials and with the perforation specified in the relevant tables . Screens with different perforation ( or wire mesh ) and materials may be manufactured on request.


Size (inches) 2” 3” 4” 6” 8” 10”
S 127 172 210 286 356432
SF 254 312 363 464 560636
H 148 182 208 260 311351

Size (inches) 12” 16” 18” 20” 24” 26”
S 508 610 686 762 864 990
SF 737 864 966 1052 1169 1235
H 403 472 525 571 635 688
Dimension : SF , S , H are in millimeters ( mm)


Strainer maintenace should be made at least once year, or whenever the pressure drop is found to be in excess of the normal figures. A quick clean-up system, to made approximately once a mounth. For a complete maintenance follow the points herebelow:

  1. Be sure that the main line has been shut-off
  2. Untighten cover stud bolts (5) and nuts (6) and remove cover [ blind flange ] (2) and gasket (4)
  3. Withdraw basket (3) an carefully inspect it for damages. If any hole in the screen is found abstructed, clean it with compressed air and / or any suitable tool. If the basket is broken in any part or out of shape, replace it with a new spare one.
  4. Carefully clean the inside of the strainer body
  5. Fit a new gasket (4)
  6. Install the new screen or the cleaned one (3)
  7. Put in place cover (2)
  8. Slowly give pressure to the line, checking for leakages
  9. Write on the strainer body the date of this maintenance operation


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